Our YEED recycling program

Our YEED recycling program Yeed is a company with a strong commitment to the environment. Through our products, we are significantly reducing our environmental impact, daily. To explain our approach, we have created a brochure about our recycling program (YEED Recycling Process). The YEED Recycling Process : Our products are recycled : Adjustable pedestals and accessories […]

RINNO Industry becomes… YEED GROUP!

RINNO industry becomes … YEED GROUP ! As you have just discovered, RINNO Industry is changing to become YEED Group. RINNO has been in use since the company’s inception and is now synonymous of modernization, new opportunities and above all new challenges! But why YEED? What do these four letters mean and what changes can […]

Using adjustable pedestals : which advantages ?

What are the advantages of using adjustable pedestals  ? The adjustable pedestals are more and more used for the realization of terraces, rooftops or pedestrian areas. On average not very expensive, they have many advantages. Find below the added value of the installation on pedestals:   Contents : Convenient and easy to use products Optimal […]