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YEED adjustable pedestals and accessories

Nous disposons d’un large choix de plots réglables et accessoires pour terrasse bois ou dalle. 
Tous les produits que nous proposons sont certifiés et respectent les normes en vigueur.

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Temperature resistant (-104°F to 140°F)

Resistant to atmospheric agents (freezing, uv)

Support more than one ton per pedestal


Made in France


Types of application

The adaptability of our products allows the realization of a large number of projects while meeting the specific expectations of our different customers, whether they are architects, private builders, public markets or individuals. YEED pedestals and accessories are also a solution adapted to "niche" applications. Our dedicated team will accompany you from A to Z to set up your specific projects.


  • Sites industriels 
  • Centres commerciaux 
  • Habitations privées
  • Bureaux
  • Hôtels, restaurants, rooftops
  • Piscines, plages de piscines et spas
  • Zones pédestres de ville

Specific projects

  • Salons, événements divers
  • Festivals, concerts
  • Clubs de vacances, campings
  • Structures sur pilotis 
  • Panneaux solaires