1 September 2023

Design your terrace according to the seasons

Plan your Terrace according to the Seasons: Practical Tips

The layout of a terrace is an exciting task for any owner wishing to create an attractive and functional outdoor space. However, to fully enjoy this space throughout the year, it is essential to take into account the changing seasons. In this article, we will explore how to arrange your terrace according to the seasons, with emphasis on practical tips to maximize its use throughout the year.

> Spring: Awakening of Nature

Spring is the perfect time to revive your terrace after winter. Here are some tips to make the most of this season:

1. Deep Clean:

Start with a thorough cleaning of your deck to remove debris, dirt and mold accumulated during the winter. A good cleaning with a pressure washer will do wonders.

2. Heavy Duty Furniture:

Choose weather-resistant furniture that can withstand spring showers. Teak or metal furniture are excellent options.

3. Add floral touches:

Integrate flower pots and planters to bring color and life to your terrace. Spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils are an excellent choice.

> Summer: Enjoy the Sun

Summer is the perfect time to spend time on your patio and soak up the sun. Here’s how to make the most of it:

1. Create shadow:

Install an awning, umbrella or pergola to protect yourself from direct sunlight on hot days. This will make your terrace more comfortable.

2. Comfortable furniture:

Invest in comfortable cushions and loungers to relax in peace. Rattan or braided resin furniture is durable and elegant.

3. Ambient lighting:

Add ambient lighting to extend your summer evenings. Light garlands, lanterns and candles create a warm atmosphere.

> Autumn: Warm Colors and Comfort

Fall brings cooler temperatures and warm colours. Here’s how to prepare your deck for this season:

1. Warm blankets and pillows:

Keep your cushions and add blankets to protect you from the cold. Fall colors like red and orange can add a warm touch.

2. Campfire or heating:

A campfire or outdoor heating is a great addition to enjoy your terrace even when the temperatures drop.

3. Fall plants:

Incorporate autumn plants like chrysanthemums or asters into your planters for a seasonal touch.

> Winter: Create a Warm Oasis

Winter may seem difficult to enjoy your terrace, but with proper preparation, you can make it a warm oasis:

1. Weather Shelter:

Invest in a shelter such as a greenhouse or awning to protect your terrace from winter weather.

2. Comfortable furniture:

Opt for winter-resistant garden furniture and add heating pads for optimal comfort.

3. Soft lighting:

Create a cozy atmosphere with soft lighting using lanterns and LED lamps.

In conclusion, planning a terrace according to the seasons can turn this space into a versatile place that you can enjoy all year round. By adapting the furniture, lighting and decorative elements according to the weather conditions, you can create a terrace that allows you to fully enjoy each season. So get ready to maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor space by following these practical tips.