13 January 2023

Our YEED recycling program

Our YEED recycling program

Yeed is a company with a strong commitment to the environment. Through our products, we are significantly reducing our environmental impact, daily. To explain our approach, we have created a brochure about our recycling program (YEED Recycling Process).

The YEED Recycling Process :

  • Our products are recycled : Adjustable pedestals and accessories are made of 80% regenerated plastic (polypropylene) from recycled household waste. This material replaces the use of virgin resin. All our products are manufactured in our factory, in France.

  • Our products are recyclable : Once collected, the products are cleaned, crushed and then (re)extruded (A process for shaping plastics, which involves pushing the material to be fluidised through a die (Larousse) ) to be reintroduced into our production lines.

Some things to know :

  • The color of our pedestals can sometimes change slightly. Indeed, the variety of products recovered and re-injected into the production can slightly influence the color of the final material of the pedestals resulting from the manufacturing process.

=> This aspect doesn’t change the final quality of the pedestals, but it does reinforce our ecological investment.

  • A quality control is performed at each delivery with a certificate of conformity.

  • A compression control of the pedestals is carried out on a regular basis to check the product’s resistance.

  • Each kg of recycled material used reduces the carbon impact of our products by 1.92 Kg of CO ².

You want to know more about our recycling program or simply participate ?

Contact us at green-recycling@yeedgroup.com