Paysalia 2023 in Lyon : Tomorrow’s landscape and its challenges

Paysalia 2023 in Lyon, France is an international trade show dedicated to landscaping, horticulture and outdoor design. The event brings together industry professionals, garden designers, landscape architects, suppliers of materials and equipment, and companies specializing in landscaping.

The 8th edition of paysage, Jardin & Sport trade show is scheduled for December 5-7, 2023, and will take place at Lyon Eurexpo. This major event is specially designed for landscape industry professionals and aims to highlight several important themes. One of the main focuses will be the modernization of the entire landscape industry. This involves introducing new technologies, more efficient working methods and innovative practices to create more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing green spaces and landscapes.

Paysalia 2023 in Lyon
paysalia 2023 in lyon - The last edition

Urban greening 2023: integrating nature into the urban world

Since its creation in 2009, Paysalia, in partnership with UNEP, has brought together the key players in the landscape industry for three days. The main objective of this event is to support and guide the profession by addressing contemporary issues through its suppliers, collaborators and innovations.

In 2023, the show is designed to be a real catalyst for business development. As in previous editions, the program aims to unite and question the entire profession on future challenges, such as the attractiveness of the sector, training, the integration of digital technologies and addressing the challenges of climate change. Two major themes will be highlighted: the modernization of the entire industry and the promotion of urban greening. The show will foster creative collaboration by bringing together innovative companies, project owners, demanding architects and visionary landscapers over a three-day period.

UNEP: Union Nationale des Entreprises du Paysage.

Another central aspect of Paysalia 2023 will be the promotion of urban greening. With increasing urbanization, urban greening has become a priority for many municipalities around the world. Paysalia will be looking at ways of maximizing the integration of nature into the heart of urban areas, thereby promoting citizens’ quality of life, biodiversity and stormwater management.

The event will also be an opportunity to present concrete solutions to the environmental challenges we face. This includes the presentation of environmentally-friendly products and technologies, as well as discussions on sustainability practices and initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of landscaping projects.

The workforce: what solutions for the growing demands in the world of landscaping?

Paysalia 2023 in Lyon will also examine the sector’s workforce needs. As landscape is a constantly evolving field, it is essential to train and recruit new talent to meet growing demands. The event is likely to offer opportunities for professionals to meet future employers, learn about the latest trends and discuss workforce challenges in the landscape industry.

Biodiversity and the environment: major concerns in the current context of climate change and degradation of our planet

Biodiversity and environmental preservation are major concerns in the current context of climate change and the degradation of our planet. To highlight these crucial issues, the event plans to create an educational village dedicated to biodiversity and the environment.

This educational village will be a space where visitors can learn more about biodiversity and discover the concrete actions they can take to protect it. It could include interactive exhibits, educational workshops, presentations on local flora and fauna, as well as information on endangered species and conservation measures. Visitors will also be able to find out more about how companies and organizations are committed to preserving biodiversity.

By focusing on biodiversity and the environment through an educational village and innovations, Paysalia 2023 in Lyon aims to raise public awareness of today’s environmental challenges, inspire positive action and encourage the adoption of more sustainable practices, whether in landscaping, urban planning or everyday life.

Generation Z: in the spirit of the Paysalia 2023 exhibition in Lyon

Paysalia 2023 in Lyon will talk also about the changing expectations of members of Generation Z on the job market is a subject that is attracting increasing attention and reflection. This generation, made up of people born between 1997 and 2010, has different attitudes and priorities to their predecessors. This different vision of work can be seen as a challenge for many employers, but it also offers opportunities to create work environments better adapted to this new reality.

Understanding and adapting to the needs of Generation Z in the workplace doesn’t require radical upheaval, but rather a flexible, human-centered and emotional approach. This can enable companies in the landscape to capitalize on the skills and motivation of these young talents, while fostering a rewarding work environment for all.

YEED Group: Fast, sustainable furnishings for all your spaces – About Paysalia 2023 in Lyon 

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YEED Group offers its customers the possibility of designing their spaces efficiently to last over time. With controlled budgets and reduced environmental impact, the group is in tune with the times. Sales Director for France, Audric ROKUT, tells us more:

YEED Group offers its customers the possibility of designing their spaces efficiently to last over time. With controlled budgets and reduced environmental impact, the group is in tune with the times. Sales Director for France, Audric ROKUT, tells us more:
Paysalia 2023 in Lyon
Plastic Granules: polypropylene

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is at the heart of our approach. All the materials we use to manufacture our products are carefully selected for their recycled nature. This means they come from recycled materials, helping to reduce the amount of waste in the environment. Our main sources of raw materials are household waste, demonstrating our commitment to giving these materials a second life.

In addition, we strive to minimize our own ecological footprint by adopting a waste reduction approach. We are committed to avoiding the generation of unnecessary waste at every stage of our manufacturing process (polypropylene recycling). Importantly, we have put in place a system that allows our products to be reused or reprocessed, creating a circular life cycle. This means that even when our products reach the end of their life, we ensure that they are reintegrated into the production chain or recycled responsibly.

It’s also essential to note that our studs are designed to be extremely durable and resistant to outdoor conditions, from severe weather to the sun’s UV rays ( find our product data sheets by clicking here ). This intrinsic durability extends their life cycle and further contributes to our commitment to environmental protection. In short, our responsible, environmentally-conscious approach translates into intelligent material choices, careful waste management, and the creation of products that endure over time while respecting the planet.

Will you be announcing anything new at this year’s Paysalia 2023 show in Lyon?

Absolutely! For our first appearance at Paysalia 2023, we’re pleased to announce a major innovation. This solution has been specially designed to make installation easier and faster than ever. We are very excited to present this unique innovation on our stand number 5A110.

It represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing quality products while simplifying the installation process. We warmly invite all visitors to the show to come and discover this exciting development for themselves, and learn more about how it can help simplify their landscaping projects and improve efficiency. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss, so drop by our stand in hall 5.2, location 5A110, to find out more about this promising new product!

Competition at trade shows can be intense. How do you plan to stand out and attract visitors’ attention among the many other exhibitors present?

Competition at trade fairs can indeed be fierce, but we’re convinced that we have a major trump card to play when it comes to standing out from the crowd of exhibitors and attracting visitors’ attention. Our secret lies in our new solution, which stands out in a very unique way.

What we have achieved with this innovation is the result of listening carefully to the needs of the market. We are proud to present an innovative product that combines increased technical sophistication with exceptional installation speed for the end-user. This unique combination offers our customers a solution that considerably simplifies their landscaping projects. Not only does it perform better, it also saves valuable installation time.

What’s more, our approach benefits not only end-users, but also our distributors. By reducing storage complexity, we make their work easier and optimize product management. This means our distributors can better meet customer needs while minimizing storage-related costs.

In short, our differentiation is based on tangible innovation that responds to market needs, improving the efficiency of landscaping projects and simplifying logistics for our distributor partners. We look forward to showcasing this solution at Paysalia 2023 in Lyon, France, and to demonstrating our products and services to our customers.

Paysalia 2023 à Lyon

Brand image plays a crucial role in the perception of products and the company. How have you prepared your stand and your visual presence to best reflect your brand identity and arouse the interest of attendees?

The importance of brand image cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes to participating in a trade show where first impressions count enormously. Our marketing and communications team has put in place a carefully thought-out strategy to ensure that our stand and visual presence perfectly embody our brand identity, while captivating the interest of attendees.

Our main objective is to convey the image of a dynamic, digital and innovative company. To achieve this, our stand was designed to be both modern and welcoming. We opted for a clean, contemporary design that reflects our commitment to simplicity and functionality. The colors and visual elements chosen are in harmony with our ecological ethos, highlighting our responsibility to the environment.

We also want to show that we don’t just follow the pattern of conventional industry, but seek to dust it off. Our stand will showcase our innovations and our ability to rethink established norms to bring new solutions and ideas to market.

Ultimately, our visual presence at Paysalia 2023 will be a faithful reflection of our brand identity, highlighting our dynamism, ecological commitment and innovative spirit. We are convinced that our stand will be a place of inspiring interaction for attendees, and that it will arouse the interest of our customers.