13 January 2023

RINNO Industry becomes… YEED GROUP!

RINNO industry becomes … YEED GROUP !

As you have just discovered, RINNO Industry is changing to become YEED Group. RINNO has been in use since the company’s inception and is now synonymous of modernization, new opportunities and above all new challenges! But why YEED? What do these four letters mean and what changes can we expect? Let’s explain !


– A new name to evolve
– New opportunities to come
– A communication adapted to all channels

1. A new name to evolve

5 years ago, RINNO changed the vision of the outdoor design market with quality products that have seduced thousands of users. Whether it’s through customized support for our partners, a 2.0 sales approach that serves everyone’s interests, or a true collaborative effort that allows us to reach our goals faster, we have been able to build a strong, reliable and ambitious network in a short period of time.

Why the name YEED?  Simply because YEED is the combination of the letters of the last names of our two founders, Gilles FOISSEY and Rémi DELEFORTRIE. Beyond the simplicity of the letter’s combination, the name YEED was unanimously approved by our partners, who gave it a dynamic and original connotation. This new acronym will always be accompanied by our favorite visual element; our Rhinoceros, recognizable by all.

This change is the result of our desire to stand out from our competitors with a unique name that is easy to remember while maintaining an international sound.

To innovate, to accompany, to surprise with a new name while keeping our values: simplicity and efficiency.

2. New opportunities to come

The year 2023 looks promising for our company with great projects in the pipeline. Thanks to the solid relationships we have built with our partners, we continue our international development with a future presence on 3 continents and in 18 countries.

New perspectives are thus offered to us and it is with a lot of enthusiasm that our internal teams are constantly developing new axes, whether it is in R&D, in marketing, but also in the exchanges with our partners, the latter being in the first line to help us to understand always better the needs of each market in order to be able to answer them in the best way.

3. A communication adapted to all channels

In order to facilitate and optimize our exchanges with our partners, we have designed a platform that will be entirely dedicated to them; a space with more contents and more interactivity. We also provide our marketing department to create customized communication materials and other tools to optimize YEED presence in the respective markets. Also, we will set up a full program of workshops and events to evolve collaboratively and benefit from optimal teamwork.

A new dimension is opening for us and as we enter a new year, we are eager to continue to move forward with you, as an even closer team. Our success is yours!