Pedestals for decking

Adjustable pedestal 40/60 mm for decking

The pedestal for decking is a support adjustable in height from 40 to 60 mm allowing the installation of wooden or composite terraces. Composed of an L-shaped head, this the latter is designed to receive the joist. A tab on the side of the head allows the joist to be fastened to the pedestal using screws. The height is adjustable to the millimeter thanks to the ring located under the head of the pedestal and without additional tools.
EAN: 635131418181


The decking terrace pedestal supports up to 1 ton of load. Robust, it resists temperature variations from -40°C to + 60°C, UV rays, frost as well as acid products and chemical.


Made in France, the YEED joist pedestal is designed from polypropylene, a recycled and recyclable material that respects the environment.


YEED brand terrace pedestals comply with DTU 43.1 and 51.4.

Use of the decking pedestal for terrace:

Designed for pedestrian use, the decking pedestal is compatible with wooden and composite boards.

Note: Never use a composite joist for the realization of the structure of the terrace on pedestals.

This installation method is economical, quick to perform and durable in the time. Only a few steps are necessary to install a terrace on pedestals:

  • On soft ground, place the pedestals at a regular distance (about 70 cm)
  • Adjust the height of the pedestals and check the installation using a level.
  • Place the joists on the terrace pedestals and fix them in the head with screws
  • Remove and fix the wood or composite blades.