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Adjustable pedestal 8/20 mm for paving

The adjustable pedestal for paving allows the installation of a tiled or slatted terrace. Adjustable in height from 8 to 20 mm, it is the smallest adjustable terrace pedestal on the market. Size adjustment of the stud is made to the nearest millimeter with the adjustment ring. This pedestal is ideal when the height to catch up is low. The 4 pins present on the head of the pedestal allow keep the tiles in their place and get regular spacing between them. This installation method is carried out without joints and saves time.
EAN: 7421031903192


The slab terrace pedestal can withstand loads of up to 1 ton. Robust, it supports without deterioration temperature variations from -40°C to + 60°C, UV rays, frost as well as acidic and chemical products. The slab pedestal for terrace is compatible with a installation near a swimming pool.


Made in France, the YEED slab pedestal is environmentally friendly. It is made from polypropylene, a recycled and recyclable material.


YEED pedestals comply with current standards: DTU 43.1 and 51.4.

Using the 8/20 mm slab terrace pedestal:

The pedestal for paving is designed to receive a coating of the slab, tile or grating type.

Note: the tiles used must be at least 2 cm thick.

The establishment of the structure of the terrace on pedestal must be carried out on stable and loose ground. The plots are placed on the ground without fixing and the tiles are held in their place thanks to the pins on the above the pedestals.
The tiled terrace on pedestals can be installed quickly and easily without requiring major works.
The installation must be done on a stable and loose floor so as to guarantee the stability of the construction.

Production steps: place the pedestals on the ground according to the size of the slabs at a rate of 4 studs per slab, one at each corner. Adjust the height of the pedestals according to the needs of the site.Finish by placing the tiles on the pedestals.