Self leveling pedestals for paving

Self leveling pedestal 50/65 mm for paving

The self-leveling paving pedestal is an adjustable support designed for installing a slab terrace on uneven or sloping ground. The specificity of the self-leveling terrace pedestal is that it allows you to compensate or create up to 5% slope over 1 meter. The upgrade of the structure is done automatically thanks to the base of the pedestals formed self-leveling disc. The self-leveling pedestal is manually adjusted by turning the red ring and allows an adjustment from 50 to 65 mm. The studs are placed under each angles of the paving slabs and, thanks to their lugs, provide spacing regular 3 mm. This installation method is carried out without joints.
EAN: 3052350898438


The self-leveling slab pedestal withstands loads of up to 1 ton. Robust, it supports without deterioration temperature variations from -40°C to + 60°C, UV rays, frost as well as acidic and chemical products. The self-leveling pedestal for terrace is compatible with a installation near a swimming pool.


Made in France, the YEED self-leveling slab pedestal is respectful of the environment. It is made from polypropylene, a recycled and recyclable material.


YEED pedestals comply with current standards: DTU 43.1 and 51.4.

Using the 50/65 mm self-leveling paving pedestal:

Ideal for compensating for differences in level of land, the self-leveling pedestal for slab terrace offers a great time saving. Compatible with tiles measuring at least 2 cm thick such as tiles or gratings.

The installation of a slab terrace on self-leveling pedestals is carried out quickly and easily:
the pedestals on the ground according to the size of the slabs, adjust the size according to the height to be recovered then place the tiles on the pedestals.