Self leveling pedestals for paving

Self leveling pedestal 85/115 mm for paving

The self-leveling paving pedestal is a support adjustable in height from 85 mm to 115 mm using the red screw located under the head of the pedestal. The particularity of this pedestal is its base made of a self-leveling disc clipped to the flange of the stud. Ideal for laying on sloping or uneven ground, it compensates up to 5% slope over 1 meter. Thus, the leveling of the construction on self-leveling slab pedestal is done automatically without requiring major works.
EAN: 3052350898452


The self-leveling paving pedestal withstands loads of up to 1 ton. Robust, it supports without deterioration temperature variations from -40°C to + 60°C, UV rays, frost as well as acidic and chemical products. The self-leveling pedestal for terrace is compatible with a installation near a swimming pool.


Made in France, the YEED self-leveling paving pedestal is respectful of the environment. It is made from polypropylene, a recycled and recyclable material.


YEED pedestals comply with current standards: DTU 43.1 and 51.4

Using the self-leveling paving pedestal for terrace:

The installation is carried out quickly and easily by respecting a few rules:

  • the reception floor of the future terrace must be stable and loose
  • one stud per angle, i.e. 4 studs per pedestal
  • use a coating of at least 2 cm thickness.

The installation of the self-leveling pedestal for slab is carried out by following these few steps:

  • Arrange the pedestals on the ground according to the size of the tiles used
  • Adjust the self-leveling pedestals with the adjustment ring to obtain the necessary height
  • Place the tiles on the head of the pedestals
  • Make the cutouts for the side closure of the terrace.

The finishes can be carried out using a slab plate and a covering support in order to hide the studs of the structure on the edge of the terrace.