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adjustable pedestal UNIKA

All sizes combined with only 2 pedestals

The complete UNIKA range is reduced (wood/composite and pavers) to only 2 pedestals and 4 accessories.

With this major innovation, the margin of error on the construction site is signifcantly reduced and adaptibility to specification is maximized. The smart design of the UNIKA 40-60 mm pedestal allows to add 3 sizes of extensions to reach the ideal height needed, up to 1 meter by clipping them.
A simple, practical and unique solution, which will save time and energy, while offering unparalleled flexibility.
Opting for UNIKA means choosing the simplest and most effective method.

adjustable pedestal UNIKA
adjustable pedestal UNIKA

An ALL-IN-ONE solution

UNIKA Pedestal, sets itself apart from other products on the market by combining all essential functionalities in a single element.

No need for additional accessories to adapt to your needs, from the simpliest project to the most complex, it ‘s all integrated directly into the pedestal; The pedestal head is self-levelling or fixed thanks to the red clamping ring, the noise-buffer wedge is directly integrated into the head (in the slab version), and the height can be adjusted either from above from the top thanks to the YEED tightening key, or manually from the side with the help of the adjustment ring.

adjustable pedestal UNIKA
adjustable pedestal UNIKA

Unique range

UNIKA is the perfect solution to all exterior leveled floorings projects.
To sum-up, UNIKA is an answer to; storage optimization, all-in-one solution, versatility, simplicity of use and guaranteed quality.

plot terrasse UNIKA

Products made in France : 

YEED is proud to be a French company and to offer you products manufactured in our French factory, a pledge of quality and reliability.

Our commitment to produce in France ensures that every pedestal or accessory complies with current construction standards DTU 43.1 and 51.4 standards, and come with a 10-year warranty, for exceptional performance with every use!

Easy adjustment :

Lorem iUNIKA pedestal stands out for its simplicity of use and practicality that will both facilitate terrace construction sites but also save considerable time for installation.

The adjustment system has been redesigned to a double adjustment system from the top with the YEED tightening key, or on the side manually by turning the adjustment ring. Another innovation, a screw locking system allows the adjustment ring to remain clipped on the base plate or extension.

adjustable pedestal UNIKA
adjustable pedestal UNIKA

Recycled products: 

At YEED Group, the comitment against global warming is a subject to which we pay the greatest attention.
That’s why all our products are made with regenerated polypropylene from the recycling of everyday household waste: yoghurt pots, caps, packaging… allowing us to participate in a circular economy, a model in which resources are used and recovered rather than simply thrown away.

Recyclable products:

Once the waste has been collected, it is sorted, crushed and shaped into small polypropylene balls. They are then re-extruded to create a recycled plastic ready for reuse in manufacturing and thus allows the creation of YEED Pedestals.

adjustable pedestal UNIKA