13 January 2023

Using adjustable pedestals : which advantages ?

What are the advantages of using adjustable pedestals FR ?

The adjustable pedestals are more and more used for the realization of terraces, rooftops or pedestrian areas. On average not very expensive, they have many advantages. Find below the added value of the installation on pedestals:

Contents :

– Convenient and easy to use products
– Optimal technical features
– Adaptable to all types of surface
– Suitable for any project
– Accessories for a perfect result
– Practical, simple and intuitive products

1. Practical, simple and intuitive products

Easy to use:

– They can be placed on the floor without any specific fixtures or supports.

They are adjustable to the millimeter : the adjustment is done manually, without any additional tool, thanks to the adjustment ring on the central threaded rod.

– They represent a considerable saving of time and money insofar as no structural work (and consequently expensive labor) is involved… Installation on pedestals is intuitive and easy to achieve.

– It is also an ecological and sustainable solution because it can be installed on an existing floor (reuse of old supports such as tiles or joists). The adjustable pedestals, being removable, also allow the restructuring of the terrace and the changes of coverings over the years. In short, these products can be adapted over time to any type of renovation or new project.

Aesthetic space saving : thanks to the installation on blocks, it is possible to run cables or pipes directly under the raised floor. It is therefore a perfect solution for aesthetically concealing all lighting, plumbing and electrical systems.

2. Optimal technical features

YEED pedestals have technical features that comply with current safety standards.  Designed to withstand high loads (over 1 ton/pedestal) as well as extreme temperatures (-40°C / +60°C), atmospheric agents (frost/UV) and acid/chemical products.

Compliant with DTU (Documents Techniques Unifiés) 43.1 and 51.4 standards, 100% recyclable, YEED pedestals are also equipped with a 200mm diameter multi-perforated base to eliminate any water stagnation.

3. Adaptable to all types of surfaces

Our wood/composite decking and slab decking products are designed to be used on all types of soil (stabilized gravel, concrete slab, bitumen, old decking or paving, EPDM membrane…)

On an unlevelled ground, you can use the self-leveling disc which catches up to 5% of slope on 1 meter.

4. Suitable for any project

YEED pedestals are designed for various projects, in line with our customers’ needs (architects, private builders, public markets, material stores, e-shops, etc.). Among the many possible applications, we can find residential terraces, hotel complexes, shopping malls, restaurant terraces, rooftops, pedestrian areas, ephemeral surfaces…)

5. Accessories for a perfect result :

YEED’s range of accessories complements the use of the pedestals and allows for optimal results:

Self-leveling disc: Compatible with decking and paving pedestals from 40/60 mm, it allows the installation of a structure on an unlevelled floor. (Catch up 5% of slope on 1 meter).

Vibration buffer: Used for the installation of a terrace slab. It reduces the vibrations caused by the movements on the terrace. Noise pollution is reduced by 50% with this accessory.

Slab plate: It allows to put the slab covering against a wall and then to realize aesthetically the lateral closure of the structure on the ends. It also allows a good stabilization on the sides of the terrace (no tilting sensation). Compatible with the paving pedestals range from 40/60 mm.

Lateral supports: It is fixed to the base of the post and allows the vertical installation of a slab (or wood strip) to cover the riser of a structure. Used with a slab plate, it allows to realize the lateral closing for a perfect finish.

Extensions (60 mm and 110 mm): They increase the final height of the pedestal. It is possible to stack up to 4 extensions on one and the same pedestal to obtain 440 mm of additional height. Compatible with decking or paving pedestals from 60/90 mm for 60 mm extension and from 90/150 mm for 110 mm extension. The extensions offer a final height of 70 cm.


Decking head of pedestal is an accessory that allows the transformation of a paving pedestal into a decking one. It can be adapted to all adjustable pedestals. Simply exchange the decking head with the existing one of the pedestals.

Blade spacers: They allow to obtain a regular spacing of the boards for terrace. This accessory for wood decks helps prevent natural wood movements that can damage the installation and promotes good air and water circulation. The board spacer consists of 4 sides of different thicknesses: 4, 5, 6 or 7 mm.

Bituminous band: It protects the joists from humidity and rainwater and offers a longer life to your deck. It is 100% waterproof and adheres to most building materials: wood, plastic, glass, concrete, metal…

– YEED ClipSystem : The YEED ClipSystem is a 2-in-1 accessory made of stainless steel that firstly closes the terrace aesthetically by clipping on to the ends of the terrace. The YEED ClipSystem is a durable solution and replaces the slab plate that stabilizes the slabs at the ends of the deck and avoid any sensation of tilting. The YEED ClipSystem is compatible with the pedestals of paving range from 40/60 mm and consists of two parts: a top clip which is clipped on to the two lateral lugs (sectible) on the pedestal’s head and the bottom clip which is clipped on to the base of the pedestal.